About Us

Worship Alive! is a program of 24-Hour Worship, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to promoting the importance of worshipping God in regular gatherings of church people and for the purpose of drawing people to God as described in the Bible.  

24-Hour Worship was founded in 2017 by Dr. Everton Walters, known for his spirit-led worship leading for the Billy Graham Crusade in Jamaica, his talent as a gospel soloist,  and as director for the National Choir of Jamaica.

A letter from Dr. Everton Walters about the importance of worship music today…
In the Bible, the book of John 12:32, Jesus, while talking with His disciples, declared that if He be lifted up He would draw all men unto Himself. We sometimes ignore the significance of this declaration. Though it was said to signify his ascension into heaven, in my opinion, it is also His fundamental prescription, or formula, for the spread of the Gospel.
In this passage Jesus suggests that He is the one who does the “drawing” and He can only do so if we Christians “lift” Him up.  In Revelation chapters 4 and 5 we are provided examples of what it means to lift up God the Father and Jesus the Lamb.  Essentially, the process of lifting up is indeed Worshiping and Glorifying of Father and the Son. 
Worship is the declaration of the attributes of the subject of worship with reverence. This is not an emotional act; it is a statement of fact and adoration made after and evaluation of the worth of the accolades. Therefore, when the four and twenty elders of Revelation 4 declared that God was worthy to receive glory, honor, and power, they did so after evaluation and accepting that God created all things and all things exist only because of Him. That made Him worthy in their minds and they then shouted it out with vim and vigor.
In these two chapters of Revelation, we see that the worshipers spoke their accolades and keep doing so for a protracted period of time. If they were tired or bored, it did not matter, they just kept going. 
In the subsequent chapter Revelation 8, music was introduced as a medium to help in the declaration of the accolades. Therefore, music is one of the tools to help in the worshiping process.
In today’s Church, I have observed a strange thing developing. The emphasis in our worship services is one of perfection, quality, timing, and lately modernism. For each of these, we have developed valid reasons why they should be employed. Consequently, several things are happening in the Church that frequently renders our worship lacking or ineffective. 
We as a Church are charged to be the vanguard for the worship of our God (as commanded in Exodus 34:14) and need to find a way to fulfill our mandate. There is a lot of pressure, as worship leaders, to spark growth in church attendance, win souls for Christ, and live successful Christian lives. The only way to do this is to engage in sincere and deliberate worship.

I and those working with me through 24-Hour Worship pray that the Worship Alive! Program will be one step towards that objective. We believe that only through the sincere worship of Jesus that the Gospel may be propagated among mankind.